FSC Australia

Our Office

FSC can be found in 81 countries all over the world. With headquarters in Bonn, Germany and five regional offices and 46 National Initiatives, FSC is a truly global network.

The strength of FSC is at the local level. Through our standards development processes, people define and agree what responsible forestry means in their forests. The result is forest stewardship standards that are balanced, local and lasting.

Our Role
FSC Australia is a National Office of FSC International. It ensures that the voice of Australian stakeholders are heard internationally through its membership in creating the standards and promoting the scheme.

Decision Making
FSC is governed by its members, who meet every three years to vote on the direction of FSC. Equal voting weight is given to social, environmental and economic chambers and Northern and Southern countries. In Australia, members meet annually and the Board of Directors includes people from environmental groups, community groups and forest product companies.

Core Services

See the FSC Australia and New Zealand 5-Year 2015-2020 Strategic Plan here.

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