FSC Australia Directors

The following list is current at June 2018. It identifies the director's name, organisation, and Chamber.

As per the Special Resolutions to the RFMA Constitution opted into at the 2012 FSC AGM, this list will now include director term expiry dates. Directors terms will expire at the AGM in May of each year, on a rotating basis. For more information please refer to Chapter 11 of the RFMA Constitution.

Name Organisation/Individual Chamber International Member Seat Number First Appointment Term Expires
Mr Daniel Mackey Individual Social No Seat 3 25-05-2018 AGM 2021
Ms Linda Fienberg (Chair) Individual Social Yes Seat 2 29-05-2014 AGM 2020
Vacant Social Seat 1 AGM 2019
Ms Amanda Naismith New Forests Asset Management Pty Ltd Economic Yes Seat 3 25-05-2018 AGM 2021
Mr Craig Dunn Australian Paper Economic Yes Seat 2 24-05-2017 AGM 2020
Vacant Economic Seat 1 AGM 2019
Ms Susie Russell North East Forest Alliance Environment Yes Seat 3 18-08-2010 AGM 2021
Ms Sarah Rees Australian Forests and Climate Alliance Environment No Seat 2 08-11-2013 AGM 2020
Mr Warrick Jordan The Wilderness Society Environment Yes Seat 1 14-03-2008 AGM 2019

Directors are elected for three-year terms at FSC Australia's Annual General Meeting. Hence, three Director positions, one from each chamber, face re-election at the AGM. Nominations for director vacancies also face an election at the AGM.

Directors of FSC Australia attend bimonthly board meetings and are committed to releases board meeting minutes to the public as soon as possible following the meetings.

A list of previous board meeting minutes can be accessed through the FSC Australia resources page.

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