FSC Australia Institutional Documents

Responsible Forest Management Australia (RFMA) Ltd is the legal entity that trades as FSC Australia. RFMA operates under volunteer board, comprised of a maximum of 9 directors. Please see below documents that dictate the operations of FSC Australia:

FSC Australia Constitution
The FSC Australia Constitution (also known as the RFMA constitution) outlines FSC Australia's commitment to meet legal governance obligations of registered companies in Australia.

FSC Australia Dispute Resolution Procedures
The FSC Dispute Resolution Procedure seeks to find a consensus between 3 core chambers of interest. In many cases these can come from divergent positions and on the way to consensus there may be disputes and disagreement that need to be resolved.

FSC Australia Governance Manual
The Governance Manual promotes good governance of FSC Australia by reflecting best practice approaches to governance and finance and risk management.This document is designed to be updated as practices and processes within the organisation evolve.

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