FSC Australia Members

Below is a list of FSC Australia members (updated April 2017)

The companies and people below support FSC financially through membership fees, helping to maintain the effectiveness of a system that allows you to access responsibly managed forest products.

FSC Australia and International Members
Australian Conservation Foundation - Environment
Chrissy Sharp - Environment
Environment East Gippsland - Environment
Fred Gale - Environmental
HQ Plantations - Economic
HVP Plantations - Economic
Kevin O'Grady - Economic
Linda Fienberg - Social
Moorookyle Consulting - Economic
New Forests - Economic
North East Forest Alliance - Environment
PF Olsen (Australia) - Economic
Planet Ark Environmental Foundation - Environment
Sean Cadman - Environment
SFM Environmental Solutions - Economic
The Wilderness Society - Environmental
WWF Australia - Environmental

FSC Australia Members:
Asaleo Care - Economic
Australian Bluegum Plantations - Economic
Australian Forest Growers - Economic
Australian Forest Products Association - Economic
Australian Forests and Climate Alliance - Environment
Australian Manufacturing Workers Union - Social
Australian Paper - Economic
Kennedys Recycled Timber - Economic
Australian Sustainable Timbers - Economic
Bantex Group - Economic
Charters Paper Pty Ltd - Economic
Daniel Mackey - Social
David Blair - Environment
Enviro Associated Products - Economic
Environment East Gippsland - Environment
Environment Tasmania - Environment
Fairweather Homes - Economic
First Super - Social
Foresa Consulting - Economic
Forest Industries Federation (WA) Inc - Economic
Forest Strategy Pty Ltd - Economic
Sustainable Timbers Tasmania - Economic
Forestworks Ltd - Social
Forico Pty Limited - Economic
Forwood Forest Solutions - Economic
Friends of Leadbeater's Possum - Environment
Fuji Xerox Australia - Economic
Good Environmental Choice Australia - Economic
Greame Lea - Economic
Green Marketing - Economic
Greenpeace - Environment
Hugh Stewart - Social
Hunter Community Environment Centre - Environment
Institute of Foresters of Australia - Social
Jacqueline Schimer - Social
Jim Burgess - Economic
Kimberly Clark Australia - Economic
Lyreco - Economic
Mark Annandale - Social
Mediaform Computer Supplies Pty Ltd - Economic
Michael Spencer - Economic
MyEnvironment Inc. - Environment
National Timber Councils Association - Social
Nature.net - Social
Norske Skog Paper Mills (Australia) Ltd - Economic
OfficeMax Australia Ltd - Economic
Peter Gunson - Social
Phil Duncan - Social
Rohan Simkin - Economic
S2dio - Economic
Tetra Pak - Economic
The Laminex Group - Economic
Tim Anderson - Social
Timber Communities Australia - Social
Travis Wacey - Social
VicForests - Economic
Victorian Association of Forest Industries - Economic
Visy - Economic
Warringah Timbers - Economic

FSC International Members
Friends of the Earth - Environmental
Gregory Hall - Environmental
Jonathan La Nauze - Environmental

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