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FSC members are fundamental to FSC and our vision. Diverse economic, social, and environmental interests share decision-making authority, bringing integrity and resilience to the FSC system. Through membership fees, FSC members help maintain the effectiveness of the FSC system, allowing you to access responsibly managed forest products.

Members can represent an organization, or serve as an individual, and vote on FSC policy, standards and governance. And Australian-based members can apply to sit on the FSC Australia Board of Directors, as well as the FSC International Board of Directors.

The list below is not exhaustive, it displays the names of members that have provided their consent to appear on our website.

Become an FSC member!

It is important to note that if you are an FSC Certificate Holder, you are not necessarily a member. Certified companies should consider becoming FSC members to make sure your voices are represented in decisions. 

Reasons to become an FSC member:

  • Show your support for the mission and values of FSC Demonstrate your commitment to responsible forest management
  • Make an impact on FSC Australia's strategic direction by electing members to the board of directors and voting on policy motions
  • Join an active network of peers

All members are encouraged to attend the FSC General Assembly, held every three years, where motions are presented and voted upon by members. 

To see a list of all members, visit the FSC International site.

Become a member today!

Environment Chamber

Australian Conservation Foundation
Australian Forests and Climate Alliance Inc
Environment East Gippsland
Friends of Leadbeater's Possum Inc.
MyEnvironment Inc.
North East Forest Alliance
Planet Ark Environmental Foundation
The Wilderness Society
World Wide Fund for Nature Australia

Economic Chamber

Asaleo Care Australia
Australian Bluegum Plantations
Australian Forest Products Association
Australian PaperCity Forests Ltd
Enviro Associated Products Pty Ltd
Fairweather Homes
Foresa Consulting
Forest Strategy Pty Ltd
Forestworks Limited
Forico Pty Limited
Fuji Xerox Australia
Good Environmental Choice Australia
Green Marketing
Hamelin Brands Pty Ltd
HQ Plantations Pty Ltd.
HVP Plantations
Institute of Foresters of Australia
Kimberly-Clark Australia
Mediaform Computer Supplies Pty Ltd
Midway Ltd
Moorookyle Consulting
New Forests Asset Management Pty Ltd
Norske Skog Paper Mills (Australia) Ltd
PF Olsen (Aus) Pty Ltd
SFM Forest Products
Sustainable Timber Tasmania
Tasmanian Beekeepers Association Inc
The Laminex Group
Timberlands Limited
Victorian Association of Forest Industries
Visy Industries Australia Pty Ltd
Warringah Timbers Pty Ltd
Wood Processors & Manufacturers Association of New Zealand

Social Chamber

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
Linda Fienberg
Mark Annandale
Daniel Mackey
Chris Taylor
David Collard
Forestworks Limited
Institute of Foresters Australia
Phil Duncan
Jacqueline Schirmer
Hugh Stewart
National Timber Council Association
First Super
Peter Gunson
Fed Gale
Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
Travis Wacey

Joint FSC Australia and International

Environment Chamber
Australian Conservation Foundation
Chrissy Sharp
Environment East Gippsland
North East Forest Alliance
The Wilderness Society
WWF Australia
Planet Ark Environmental Foundation
Sean Cadman

Economic Chamber
HVP Plantations
Kevin O'Grady
Moorookyle Consulting
New Forests
PF Olsen (Australia)
SFM Environmental Solutions

Social Chamber
Linda Fienberg

FSC International Members

Environment Chamber
Friends of the Earth
Gregory Hall
Jonathan La Nauze

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