FSC Australia and New Zealand 5-Year Strategic Plan

2015 - 2020

From FSC Australia CEO Adam Beaumont:

I’m pleased to share with members and stakeholders our Five Year Strategic Plan (can be found below), created to guide FSC Australia to continued growth and success through to 2020, both as a financially strong not-for-profit organisation and a significant driver of change towards responsible forest management in Australia and New Zealand.

This plan has been developed by FSC Australia staff and its board of directors with the valuable input and support of our three chambers of membership: economic, social and environmental, which include forest managers, sawmill operators, wood and paper manufacturers and retailers through to forest researchers, environmentalists, recreational forest users and indigenous stakeholders.

As a national office of the global FSC network since 2011, FSC Australia has taken significant strides in its goal of changing industry and consumer attitudes towards forestry though our unique member driven standards and voluntary certification scheme. We’ve seen a steady increase in demand for FSC products and certification amongst natural and plantation forest managers over the last five years, most recently with three of the largest state-owned forest managers in Tasmania, Western Australia and Victoria, taking steps to improve their practices in pursuit of full FSC certification.

In that time, consumer awareness of the FSC logo has doubled in Australia. There are now 1.1milion hectares of forests certified to full FSC Forest Management standards 60,000 hectares certified to controlled wood and around 300 chain of custody certificates for Australian business making or distributing FSC products. In New Zealand, 60 per cent the country’s plantation forests, around 1 million hectares, are now FSC certified with around 170 NZ businesses holding FSC chain of custody certificates for their forest products.

Our Standards Development Group, with the assistance of members, industry experts, working groups and stakeholders, is also well on its way to finalising the first ever locally owned and unique national Forest Stewardship Standard. 

Despite the remarkable impact of our organisation within the community over the last five years, it is the responsibility of myself as CEO to ensure our strategic direction positions us for more success over the next five years.

FSC Australia is not immune to the constraints of managing a not-for-profit organisation in a low-cost environment and as an organisation we continue to analyse our operating strategy, business processes and internal team structure. Continual improvement is the essence of the FSC system and we apply that same ethos to the management of our own organisation. With the support of the board and our members in this new plan, FSC Australia has taken steps to ensure our financial stability through a more lean and flexible team structure, while remaining focused on servicing the needs of new and existing members, certificate holders and business supporters.

It will further strengthen FSC’s important role of bringing people with a diverse range of interests in forests together to drive improvement and a shift towards conservation, restoration and respect for all.We remain focused on continuing to drive improvements in forest management through the finalisation of the new Australian Forest Stewardship Standard while lifting consumer recognition demand for FSC products sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Our vision is for ‘healthy forests that support healthy communities’ in Australia, New Zealand and around the world and we will actively partner with members, certificate holders and companies across the forestry supply chain to promote FSC’s brand and values.

The plan also highlights the important role of Indigenous Australians and heralds a greater focus on indigenous representation in FSC’s membership and better engagement and trust in Indigenous and non-Indigenous certified forest managers.

The plan will be reviewed annually by FSC Australia’s board.

We welcome the continued feedback from all of our members and stakeholders and would encourage anyone with questions about our new strategic direction and how they can get involved, to get in touch with myself and the FSC Australia team.

Adam Beaumont,
FSC Australia CEO

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