Cultural Protocol

FSC Australia helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. FSC was founded by environmentalists, social interest groups, indigenous peoples’ organisations, responsible retailers and lead forest management companies.

As a non-profit membership-based organisation, we are driven by the balanced perspectives of these diverse stakeholders. FSC certification aims to assure consumers that the certified wood products have been tracked throughout the supply chains and are guaranteed to come from responsibly managed forests independently monitored by credible third-party auditors.

These cultural protocols provide guidance for FSC staff and volunteers to ensure their work respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural beliefs and practices.

What are cultural protocols?

Cultural protocols refer to the customs, lores and codes that guide the behavior of a particular cultural group. Protocols are present in all cultures and observing the cultural protocols of a community demonstrates respect for the cultural traditions, history and diversity of that community.

Welcome to Country

Traditional welcoming ceremonies range from speeches of welcome and traditional dance to smoking ceremonies, and are performed at the beginning of a forum by an Elder or appropriate member of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community to welcome people who are visiting and/or meeting on their traditional land. Traditional welcomes should be incorporated into the opening of major internal or public events, meetings, forums and functions.

Acknowledging Traditional Owners and Elders

Traditional owners should be acknowledged by the first speaker at any significant organizational forums with a range of internal and external stakeholders present as a mark of respect for the owners of the land on which the event is taking place. Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners can occur with or without a Welcome to Country and/or when a smaller or lessformal gathering is taking place. A chair or speaker begins the meeting by acknowledging that the meeting is taking place in the country of the traditional custodians of the land.There is no set wording for an acknowledgement and it is essential that the choice of words be meaningful to the person making them.

Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

FSC Australia’s vision is for healthy forests that support healthy communities.

On Thursday the 25th of May 2017, the eve of Sorry Day, The Reconciliation Action Plan for FSC Australia was at our 11th Annual General Meeting by elder Phil Duncan and Chair, Pat Groenhout.

FSC Australia’s vision is for healthy forests that support healthy communities. FSC Australia recognises that as the nation’s original stewards of the land, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have historically maintained the health of Australia’s forests, and continue to perform this role through their unique knowledge of and continuing connection to lands, waters and communities. In acknowledgement of this, FSC Australia’s vision for reconciliation in the practice of responsible forest management is respect for and protection of the cultural and custodial interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, including the unique responsibility of caring for country and maintaining places of cultural significance.

Download our full Reconciliation Action Plan below.

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