Wood has been increasingly recognised as a global solution to climate change, by storing carbon and through reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

While trees are renewable, forests are not. So it is important that we source timber responsibly. The FSC forest management standards ensure business and consumers can be guaranteed they are supporting responsible management of our world's forests through choosing FSC certified timber.

Look for the label & Ask suppliers for their certified products

FSC Timber – Look for the FSC label at timber hardware retailers! If a product is labelled, for example buying from a retailer; it will have the product claim and manufacturers unique FSC Chain of Custody code on the label. If you are purchasing from a timber merchant, ask the supplier to show you their unique Chain of Custody certificate number. You can then validate this number by going to the FSC database – here you can check whether their certificate is valid and whether it covers the related products.

Checking once you have placed an order with a Supplier

FSC Invoice examples – Image credit  - Wood you believe it - WWF UKOnce you’ve placed an order for FSC products from a certified supplier (Chain of Custody Certificate Holder) you can check it is FSC via the invoice(s) that you receive. The invoice should include their Chain of Custody number and correctly identify the products bought as FSC – as in the examples.

Timber Suppliers

To connect you with FSC certified timber suppliers we have shortlisted FSC Chain of Custody Certificate Holders who supply or manufacturer timber. (List current as of July 2019)

To see what products are under their certificate and for contact detail, search the Certificate Code in our FSC database info.fsc.org

Company Name Head Office FSC License Industry Type Certificate Code
TZR Pty Ltd. NSW FSC-C129011 Construction Retailer SCS-COC-005482
Australian Sustainable Timbers NSW FSC-C017117 Construction Wood Processor SA-FM/COC-001790
Elof Hansson (Australia) Pty Ltd. NSW FSC-C019327 Construction Supplier SCS-COC-001173
Dindas Australia NSW FSC-C124284 Construction Supplier SCS-COC-005165
Big River Group Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C011167 Construction Retailer SA-COC-002336
Mint Floors & Shutters NSW FSC-C123194 Construction Retailer SGS-COC-010328
TLB Timber Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C019813 Construction Supplier SGS-COC-005622
Australian Panel Products Pty Ltd. NSW FSC-C105316 Construction Manufacturer SCS-COC-003692
Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products Australia Pty Ltd. : Myrtleford Plymill NSW FSC-C018480 Construction Manufacturer SA-COC-002970
Premier Industries Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C122740 Construction Manufacturer SGS-COC-010305
Blacktown Timber Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C105445 Construction Supplier SGS-COC-008646
Warringah Timbers Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C114927 Construction Supplier SCS-COC-004503
Fox Timber Imports Pty Ltd T/a Foxtim NSW FSC-C109570 Construction Supplier SA-COC-003052
Decor Systems NSW FSC-C118724 Construction Manufacturer GMP-COC-102159
Peri Australia Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C128954 Construction Manufacturer/Supplier SA-COC-005551
Tasman KB Pty Ltd. NSW FSC-C103586 Construction Supplier SGS-COC-008254
Solid Oak Pty Ltd t/a tongue n groove NSW FSC-C111699 Construction Manufacturer SGS-COC-009470
Auswood International Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C127918 Construction Supplier SGS-COC-010592
ITI Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C109057 Construction Supplier SCS-COC-003997
Australian Timber Supplies Pty Ltd. NSW FSC-C108702 Construction Supplier SCS-COC-003961
Sharp Plywood Pty Ltd QLD FSC-C031899 Construction Manufacturer/Supplier SCS-COC-002595
MATTHEI TIMBERS QLD FSC-C127864 Construction Manufacturer BV-COC-127864
Quadric Pty Ltd QLD FSC-C135230 Construction Manufacturer SCS-COC-005887
URBANLINE ARCHTECTURAL QLD FSC-C123834 Construction Retailer BV-COC-123834
Ashden Trading Pty Ltd QLD FSC-C010255 Construction Manufacturer SA-COC-002334
Hatco1 Pty Ltd t/a Timport Specialised Timber Products QLD FSC-C112984 Construction Supplier SA-COC-003773
CEDAR SALES PTY LTD QLD FSC-C123833 Construction Supplier BV-COC-123833
Plycon Pty Ltd QLD FSC-C126051 Construction Manufacturer/Supplier SGS-COC-010510
Paradise Timbers Pty Ltd QLD FSC-C106227 Construction Manufacturer SGS-COC-008790
Austral Plywoods Pty Ltd QLD FSC-C118268 Construction Manufacturer SCS-COC-004721
Hurford Wholesale Pty Ltd QLD FSC-C102366 Construction Manufacturer/Supplier GMP-COC-104001
Evolution Forest Products Pty Ltd QLD FSC-C119740 Construction Supplier SA-COC-004292
Veneer Panels Pty Ltd SA FSC-C016851 Construction Manufacturer/Supplier SGS-COC-003923
Stair Lock Pty Ltd SA FSC-C107448 Construction Manufacturer/Supplier SCS-COC-003859
Bone Timber Industries SA FSC-C108054 Construction Supplier SCS-COC-004859
Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts (Central & Northern Regions Pty Ltd) SA FSC-C121738 Construction Manufacturer SCS-COC-004912
Opal Wood Corporation Pty Ltd SA FSC-C110004 Construction Supplier SGS-COC-009262
International Timber Solutions Pty. Ltd. SA FSC-C019864 Construction Supplier SCS-COC-004021
JL & KJ Jarvis Pty Ltd t/a Superior Timber Supplies SA FSC-C111064 Construction Supplier SCS-COC-004948
Timberlink Australia Pty Ltd TAS FSC-C117015 Construction Manufacturer DNV-COC-000719
Gunnersen Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C012688 Construction Supplier SA-COC-001966
Vicform Timber Products VIC FSC-C011352 Construction Supplier SCS-COC-001332
Harper & Sandilands Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C023597 Construction Supplier SGS-COC-005690
Bowens The Builders Choice,North Melbourne Branch VIC FSC-C107601 Construction Retailer SGS-COC-008999
Mathews Timber Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C004682 Construction Supplier SGS-COC-006817
George Fethers & Co Trading Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C015959 Construction Supplier SGS-COC-003097
WTI Treated Beams Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C110685 Construction Manufacturer SGS-COC-009344
Warrnambool Timber Industries Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C110686 Construction Manufacturer SGS-COC-009345
Alpine MDF Industries Pty. Ltd. VIC FSC-C023304 Construction Manufacturer RA-COC-001320
Atkar VIC FSC-C009912 Construction Supplier SGS-COC-005618
GP Embelton and Co Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C132800 Construction Supplier SGS-COC-010861
Australian Forest Products Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C013943 Construction Supplier SGS-COC-006060
City Timber Pty. Ltd. VIC FSC-C084740 Construction Retailer SGS-COC-007658
Gale Pacific Limited VIC FSC-C016638 Construction Manufacturer SA-COC-002885
PGA Timber Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C019966 Construction Supplier SGS-COC-005046
Midway Limited VIC FSC-C125839 Construction Wood Processor SCS-CW/FM-004728
Midway Limited VIC FSC-C109259 Construction Wood Processor SCS-COC-004864
Mitsui Bussan Woodchip Oceania Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C107463 Construction Supplier SCS-COC-005216
Springwood Resources Australia Pty Ltd. VIC FSC-C134754 Construction Supplier SCS-COC-005888
Interwil Trading Australia Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C123848 Construction Supplier SA-COC-004606
Timber Flooring Services Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C124345 Construction Supplier SCS-COC-005183
Timberwood Panels Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C031332 Construction Supplier SA-COC-002360
PF Olsen (Aus) Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C126300 Construction Wood Processor SCS-COC-005300
DTJ Group Pty Ltd trading as Storey Floors Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C135602 Construction Manufacturer/Supplier SCS-COC-005978
Montana Timber Holdings Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C106878 Construction Manufacturer SCS-COC-005339
Expoconti Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C123063 Construction Manufacturer SA-COC-004543
Como Building Products Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C111973 Construction Manufacturer SCS-COC-004281
Softwood Plantation Exporters Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C011101 Construction Wood Processor RA-COC-001385
Associated Kiln Driers Pty. Ltd. VIC FSC-C004473 Construction Wood Processor GMP-COC-103986
Austim Pty Ltd WA FSC-C008096 Construction Supplier SCS-COC-005010
WA Chip & Pulp Co Pty Ltd WA FSC-C103808 Construction Wood Processor SCS-COC-004093
Bunbury Treefarm Project WA FSC-C117108 Construction Wood Processor SCS-CW/FM-004648
WA Chip & Pulp Co. Pty Ltd trading as WAPRES WA FSC-C117107 Construction Wood Processor SCS-FM/COC-004647
WESPINE INDUSTRIES PTY LTD WA FSC-C124245 Construction Manufacturer SCS-COC-005153
SPF Resources Pty Ltd WA FSC-C131676 Construction Other SCS-COC-005667
Bunbury Fibre Plantations Pty Ltd WA FSC-C014610 Construction Wood Processor SA-FM/COC-001528
Auswest Timbers Pty Ltd WA FSC-C124600 Construction Manufacturer SCS-COC-005202
Processed Forest Products NSW FSC-C007737 Construction/Joinery Manufacturer SGS-COC-005075
Intrim Group Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C133356 Construction/Joinery Manufacturer SGS-COC-010903
Simmonds Lumber Pty Ltd Sydney NSW FSC-C003273 Construction/Joinery Supplier SCS-COC-004059
The GDK Group Pty Ltd t/a The GDK Group NSW FSC-C084382 Construction/Joinery Manufacturer SA-COC-002484
T-Pac Lumber Pty Ltd QLD FSC-C135580 Construction/Joinery Supplier BV-COC-135580
Greenwood International Pty Ltd QLD FSC-C114912 Construction/Joinery Supplier SA-COC-003892
Woodhouse Timber Company Pty Ltd QLD FSC-C120464 Construction/Joinery Supplier SGS-COC-010165
Matilda Veneer Pty Ltd. QLD FSC-C107681 Construction/Joinery Manufacturer SCS-COC-003876
Managed Forest Products Pty Ltd SA FSC-C014302 Construction/Joinery Supplier SGS-COC-006115
Porta Enterprises Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C084234 Construction/Joinery Supplier/Manufacturer SGS-COC-007541
Hartman Pacific Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C132358 Construction/Joinery Manufacturer/Supplier SGS-COC-010826
Australian Recycled Timber Co. Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C081795 Construction/Joinery Supplier SGS-COC-007451
Takasho Australasia Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C126961 Construction/Joinery Supplier SGS-COC-010553
Laminex Group Ltd trading as Laminex Australia VIC FSC-C041360 Construction/Joinery Supplier/Retailer SCS-COC-001000
Britton Timbers VIC FSC-C113479 Construction/Joinery Supplier SCS-COC-004401
Paarhammer Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C015342 Construction/Joinery Manufacturer SCS-COC-001887
NSFP Smartfibre Pty Ltd Tasmania FSC-C018484 Construction/Paper Wood Processor GMP-COC-100562
South West Fibre Pty Ltd Victoria FSC-C107006 Construction/Paper Manufacturer GMP-COC-101769
Briggs Veneers Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C004099 Joinery Supplier SGS-COC-002954
Euro Centra (Australia) PTY Ltd NSW FSC-C124508 Joinery Supplier SCS-COC-005196
Good Living Global Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C111015 Joinery Manufacturer SCS-COC-004203
The Window Outfitters Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C124139 Joinery Manufacturer/Supplier DNV-COC-001037
Noteg Pty Ltd trading as Supawood Architectural Lining Systems NSW FSC-C009780 Joinery Retailer SCS-COC-001901
New Age Veneers Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C051147 Joinery Supplier SA-COC-002419
Euroline Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C127849 Joinery Manufacturer SGS-COC-010586
Hume Doors and Timber (Aust) Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C022806 Joinery Manufacturer SGS-COC-009377
Ultraflex Panelling Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C108901 Joinery Manufacturer SA-COC-003019
Corinthian Industries (Australia) Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C015246 Joinery Manufacturer SA-COC-001965
Enth Degree Projects Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C117180 Joinery Manufacturer SCS-COC-004651
Maneto Pty Ltd Architectural Joinery NSW FSC-C120328 Joinery Manufacturer SCS-COC-004907
Civardi Furniture Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C118543 Joinery Manufacturer SGS-COC-010023
Key Industries Pty Ltd NSW FSC-C019933 Joinery Manufacturer SA-COC-002333
Spence Doors Pty Ltd QLD FSC-C018653 Joinery Manufacturer BV-COC-018653
Hume Doors & Timber (Qld) Pty Ltd QLD FSC-C111125 Joinery Manufacturer SGS-COC-009405
M&J Quality Doors Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C122035 Joinery Manufacturer SGS-COC-010265
Carjo Furniture VIC FSC-C106655 Joinery Manufacturer SGS-COC-008869
Jardan Australia Pty. Ltd. VIC FSC-C105529 Joinery Manufacturer SGS-COC-008664
Zenexus VIC FSC-C126359 Joinery Supplier SGS-COC-010530
Nikpol Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C106468 Joinery Supplier SCS-COC-003776
Pacific Trends International Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C006909 Joinery Supplier SGS-COC-005061
Zenith Interior Sandringham VIC FSC-C103810 Joinery Manufacturer/Supplier SGS-COC-008279
S2Dio Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C117801 Joinery Manufacturer SGS-COC-009961
Gardman Australia Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C100312 Joinery Supplier/Retailer SCS-COC-003375
Australian Commercial Doors Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C119857 Joinery Manufacturer SA-COC-004297
Elton Group Pty Ltd VIC FSC-C020940 Joinery Supplier SA-COC-001908
R.E. Spence & Co. P/L t/a Spence Doors (Victoria) VIC FSC-C104850 Joinery Manufacturer SGS-COC-008514
Woodform T/A Sculptform VIC FSC-C105893 Joinery Manufacturer SCS-COC-003735
EHI Australia Pty Ltd WA FSC-C133956 Joinery Supplier SCS-COC-005860
McDonnell Industries Pty Ltd SA FSC-C133622 Packaging/Construction Manufacturer GMP-COC-103883

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