Green Building

How to achieve the Green Star Timber Credit with FSC certified timber

Green Star is a construction certification that assesses the sustainable design, construction and operation of buildings, fitouts and communities. The aim of Greenstar is to build a better future for all by creating healthy places for people and minimising construction's environmental footprint.

Green Star and FSC are a great fit, and Green Star recognises this by awarding Timber Credits to builders who use FSC certified timber in their constructions.

More information on Green Star can be found on the Green Building Council Australia (GBCA) website.

How to make sure your timber is FSC certified

To make it easier for builders to demonstrate that they meet the Greenstar Timber Credit requirements FSC Australia have released a short guidance document explaining how to make sure that the timber you are using is FSC certified.

Read more about FSC Chain of Custody certification

Green Star Timber Credit rating system

Currently there are two credits within the Green Star rating tools that reward responsibly sourced timber.

1. Responsible Building Materials Credit: 1 point available
2. Life Cycle Impacts - Structural Timber: up to 3 points available

For more detail on how the points system works, please see the attached guide from the Green Building Council Australia.

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