Regarding concerns for Koala welfare in Western Victoria

Australia 28 January 2015: FSC Australia has been advised of an incident involving the harvesting of a coupe last week (28 January 2015) while koalas were still in a tree in an FSC certified plantation forest in South West Victoria.

In accordance with FSC protocols, the certifying body responsible for the site’s FSC certification (Rainforest Alliance) is conducting an investigation and we await the findings of this report.

One of the key principles of the FSC is that forests are managed in an environmentally appropriate manner and stakeholders have the opportunity to highlight any concerns, as has occurred in this case.

FSC standards contain provisions that require forest managers to minimise environmental risks to wildlife, but they also require certificate holders to respond to incidents and stakeholder feedback appropriately. In this instance, it is important that the independent auditors (Rainforest Alliance) are given the opportunity to evaluate both thoroughly during their investigation. For more information please contact Caroline Catterall +61 402 046 826 or Tim Lele +61 411 293 176

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