Accoya, plantation pine with sustainable credentials

We all know that timber is a beautiful material to build and create with. Engineering timber can increase timber's natural benefits, producing a material that is stronger, more durable, and meets the other needs that arise in the market. Accoya, made from radiata pine, is a proudly FSC certified, durable, engineered timber with a small ecological footprint.

Developed by Dutch researchers and manufactured by British-based Accsys Technology, this high tech timber is available in Australia through Mathews Timber (FSC-C004682). Ben Mathews from Mathews Timber spoke to us about Accoya, and why they are committed to responsibly sourced timber.

We know that looking after forests for future generations is important to Mathews. Could you tell us a little bit more about why Mathews’ is so committed to responsible sourcing?

We feel like it is our responsibility to the environment to maintain forests for future generations. By using certified timbers it guarantees us that the timber is being sourced from sustainable plants.

Why is it so important to make sure your supply chain is free from things like illegal logging?

Illegal logging is something that many environmentalists have been concerned about, therefore to be able to supply an end user with a product that has been certified all along the supply chain it gives them great peace of mind.

Why do Mathews trust FSC certified timber?
FSC certified timber follows great process and protocol and as such it is a highly regarded, having set very high standards for forest management it provides us with great confidence.

Can you tell us about how FSC certified timber has benefited your business?
FSC certified timber has opened up potential cliental who seek only certified timbers. By having this accreditation it gives us an opportunity to offer our products.

At the moment only a few suppliers stock Accoya, why do you predict that this imported timber will become so popular in Australia?
Accoya is an FSC certified timber and is made from a fast growing radiata pine. Ultimately this means that the timber can be produced far quicker than other class 1 durable timbers. It is more stable than Australian hardwoods such as Spotted Gum, Blackbutt and Ironbark and equally as durable and for these reasons we expect that once the “pine” stigma attached to Accoya fades it will become extremely popular.

Why do Mathews import FSC certified timber?
Many architects and builders are beginning to specify certified products – for this reason importing FSC certified timbers allows us to attain such jobs.

Can you tell us about a project that you would love to see completed with Accoya?
Accoya when used as a cladding always creates a brilliant job – to see the product used over wide expansive places such as a home creates a beautiful natural look.

How can architects/builders specify FSC certified Accoya from Mathews?
Any builder or architect can easily get in touch with us by contacting their local store in either Melbourne (Head Office), Sydney or Brisbane. We would be more than happy to help anyone in specifying any work in Accoya!

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