Sugar Gum Poles

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Sugar gum poles – Sugar gum poles are becoming highly sought after for construction due to their strength and durability.Sugar gum poles are the preferred hardwood timber poles when both durability and strength are crucial, and consequently sugar gum poles are becoming highly sought after for construction, fencing, vineyards and playground equipment.

Sugar gum poles are suitable for a large number of in ground uses and are valued because of their exceptionally durability (Class 1), the wood’s high density (1190 kg/m3), interlocking grain, termite resistance and superior strength (S3).

FSC® certified poles come with the added assurance that the plantations where they are produced are responsibly managed. Our plantations are regrown for quality timber and habitat trees are retained during harvesting.

Sugar gum trees forming a windbreakFarmers with sugar gum plantations join the FSC® certified Group Scheme and the trees are managed according to the relevant FSC® Standards as determined by independent third party auditors.

The sugar gum plantations of western Victoria were originally established as tall windbreaks into a very open woodland of Red Gums. The species was selected to provide the additional benefit of timber production.

Under certified management these windbreaks are turned into timber plantations that optimise their environmental, social and economic benefits. Poles are recovered from trees that would otherwise be sold as firewood.

Poles and posts are available with small end diameters ranging from 100 mm to 400 mm and in lengths from 1.8 m to 4.5 m. They are produced from thinning operations or from sawlog harvesting operations. They are available green or air dried to 20%.

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