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Use the FSC LogoThe FSC trademarks provide a guarantee to consumers that the products they buy come from responsible sources.

The FSC trademarks enable consumers to choose products that support forest conservation, offer social benefits, and enable the market to provide an incentive for better forest management.

The FSC trademarks are essential to the whole FSC system and are monitored to ensure the credibility and integrity of the logo.

The Forest Stewardship Council owns three registered trademarks:

  • The name Forest Stewardship Council®
  • The acronym FSC®
  • The checkmark-and-tree FSC Logo

To use any of these trademarks you need authorisation.

Only certified products may carry the FSC on-product label. Trademarks are how we protect the credibility of the FSC system and of FSC certificate holders.

The FSC logo is available for non-product related promotional, educational and press use under certain circumstances.

Please see the scenarios below to determine if you are eligible to use the logo and what steps you need to take to use any FSC trademarks.

Using the FSC Trademarks

There are three ways in which you apply to use the FSC logo:

1. Become FSC certified

If you are FSC Certified, contact your certification body who can provide you with access.

If you manufacture, transform or take legal ownership of a product you are required to obtain FSC certification to use the logo - please click here for information on how to become certified.

2. Become an FSC Trademark License Holder

Companies purchasing packaged and labelled FSC certified products from an FSC certified supplier, and selling only to end users can apply for an FSC Trademark Service Licence.

Trademark License Holders are also referred to as 'retail supporters'.

More information about the FSC Trademark Licence can be found here.

3. Seek approval for One-time Use

Media, academia, and other public institutions:
-Are only allowed informational use of FSC trademarks;
-Can incorporate the logo into articles that discuss FSC, research etc.;
-Must register with their local FSC trademark service provider and obtain pre-approval for each use.

Need more information? Take a look at our FAQs below.

Want to use the FSC logo? Take a look at our list of scenarios below

Are you a non-profit organisation with no commercial trade that wishes to promote your involvement in FSC?

If yes, You are eligible for an FSC Trademark Service license and can apply for a license to promote your involvement in FSC.

Find out more about Trademark Service licenses.

Are you a consultant or commercial organisation offering training in the FSC systems that wants to use the FSC trademarks?

If yes, You are eligible for an FSC Trademark Service license and can apply for a license to promote your training in and consultancy on FSC systems.

Find out more about Trademark Service licenses.

Are you a media organisation or are you an organisation wishing to use the trademarks for educational or research purposes?

If yes, you are not required to get a trademark service license to use the FSC trademarks. FSC can provide you with the FSC trademarks on request.

Send us an email to get started.

Do you manufacture, process or take legal ownership of any forest-based materials and want to put the FSC logo on your products?

If yes, you need to be FSC certified to use the FSC trademarks. You are not eligible for a trademark service license.

The first step to becoming an FSC certificate holder is to contact FSC accredited certification bodies (auditor) to get an estimate on costs and time required.

You will need to provide the certification bodies with some basic information about your operations. You can find a list of accredited certification bodies here.

See the full list of steps to becoming FSC certified.

Do you hold a valid FSC certificate? Are you already an FSC certificate holder?

If yes, you already have permission to use the logo through your FSC certification.

Your trademark use must be approved by your certification body. Contact your certification body for more information.

See the FSC Trademark Portal for more information.

If you do not have a login for the Trademark Portal, contact your certification body.

Do you sell FSC certified products to end users and want to promote this?

If yes, you can become an FSC Retail Supporter. Learn more about the benefits that retail supporters enjoy, and how to join.

Reporting misuse of the FSC Logo

It is essential that FSC’s credibility is maintained. FSC works to ensure that its trademarks are used correctly. If you suspect that the FSC label is being misused, please report this immediately to trademarks at au.fsc point org.

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