Get the FSC logo on your products

The power of the label

The most common and widely recognised trademark use is a label on FSC-certified products to demonstrate that a specific product was derived from a responsibly managed forest.

The FSC logo and on-product labels have become a globally trusted mark for businesses and consumers looking for forest products that benefit people and the environment. The labels also provide on-going value for businesses.

The FSC label offers a credible link between responsible production and consumption, enabling the consumer to make socially and environmentally
responsible purchasing decisions.

Increasingly, governments and other organizations are also specifying that FSC-certified products appear in their purchasing policies.

The increasing market demand for FSC-certified products has not only resulted in unprecedented growth for the organization, it has also had a positive effect on forests by driving demand for improved forestry practices.

The three labels are:

FSC 100%
Products containing material from FSC-certified forests that meet the environmental and social standards of FSC.

Products with material from FSC-certified forests, recycled material or other controlled sources.

Products containing postconsumer material and may include some pre-consumer material.

If your company wants to include:

  • Use the FSC on product logo on your products or packaging
  • Include an FSC claim on a sales or delivery note or invoice

Then your supply chain will need to be FSC Chain of Custody Certified.

The FSC system is maintained independantly by auditors. FSC Chain of Custody certification allows a company to make claims and apply product labels, which is approved and checked by an auditor to maintain the integrity of the FSC label.

For more information about you or your supplier becoming FSC Chain of Custody certified see our page steps to becoming certified.

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