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On Product Labelling

FSC LabelThe FSC trademarks may be used in a variety of ways.

The most common and widely recognised trademark use is a label on FSC certified products demonstrating that a specific product came from a responsibly managed forest.

For a product to display the FSC label, it's entire supply chain must hold FSC Chain of Custody certification.

FSC certification follows the wood from the forest to the final product, providing a guarantee to consumers that the timber or paperboard used came from responsibly managed forests.

If your company wants to:

  • Use the FSC on product logo on your products or packaging
  • Include an FSC claim on a sales or delivery note or invoice

Then the product's entire supply chain will need to be FSC Chain of Custody Certified.

If you aren't certified yet but want to use the FSC logo on your products, you can follow the Steps to Becoming Certified.

Companies that hold FSC Chain of Custody certificates are authorised to use the FSC Trademarks, and apply the FSC label to their finished products. They still need to get approval from their respective Certification Body for all logo use.

To ensure a robust and independent process, FSC are not able to influence the decisions of the certification body.

If you are an FSC certified company with questions about trademark use, see our quick guide to trademark use for certificate holders.

We are FSC certified - how do we use the FSC logo?

Certificate Holder Log inYour certification body provides you with log-in details for the FSC Trademark Portal from where you can access the FSC Trademarks.

Click here to access the FSC Trademark Portal.

Click here to view contact details for FSC Certification Bodies.

Click here for general information on how to use the FSC on-product label.

How to generate your unique FSC label

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