Use the FSC label for marketing and promotion

For retailers, not-for-profits, media, and educational organisations

Become a Promotional License Holder

FSC Promotional License Holders are able to use the FSC label to promote FSC certified products in their stores without becoming FSC certified.

The following types of organisations are eligible to become FSC Promotional License Holders,

  • Organisations that sell finished FSC certified products to end users (eg. retailers)
  • Organisations that use finished FSC certified products (eg. hotels and universities)
  • Consultants selling services related to FSC
  • Organisations wanting to make claims about their responsible procurement policies

NGOs, media, education and research
In most cases, NGOs, media, education, and research institutions do not need to become a Promotional License Holder to use the FSC trademarks to promote FSC. These organisations can apply for a simple ‘one-time use’ agreement. This ensures that the FSC trademarks are used appropriately in reports and news articles.

No product modification
All Promotional License Holders must not modify the FSC certified product in any way. Organisations involved in manufacturing or modifying products must gain FSC Chain of Custody Certification.

Companies wanting to become FSC Promotional License Holders must

  • register with FSC Australia's trademark license program
  • obtain pre-approval for each use of the FSC label
  • only use the FSC label for promotional purposes
  • comply with the relevant FSC trademark standard

Benefits for license holders

  • Enhance your access to the growing domestic and international market in responsible wood products and products sourced from FSC certified forests
  • Access to the FSC trademark portal and online marketing toolkit
  • Receive regular updates on events and developments in the FSC system in Australia and overseas
  • Acknowledgement in FSC general publications including the FSC Australia website and newsletter
  • Referral of potential customers to members and retail supporters wherever available

Please note, FSC Australia evaluates all proposals carefully to avoid any potential or actual conflict of interest.

See an up-to-date list of our retail supporters.

Important dates

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Apply to become an FSC Promotional License Holder

If you would like to join us as a Promotional License Holder, please print, fill in and email the below form to

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