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Become a Member of FSC Australia (© FSC Australia)© FSC AustraliaResponsible Forest Management Australia Limited trades as FSC Australia and its mission is to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests in Australia and countries supplying the Australian forest products market. As a not for profit, non-government organisation, FSC relies solely on the support of memberships, donations and sponsorship.

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Apply for FSC Australia membership today by completing the attached membership form. Please follow the format outlined in the Membership application guide. If you have any issues, simply contact FSC Australia and we will guide you through the process.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

FSC Australia members receive significant benefits for a relatively minimal cost, and constitute an integral part of the FSC system is Australia. Without member support FSC Australia could not exist. Membership allows you, or your organisation, to:


  • Be part of the FSC Australia governance structure, and have a say in the future development and growth of the FSC system in Australia.
  • Having voting rights at the AGM and the opportunity to nominate for and be elected as a Director


  • Become part of an organisation committed to the development of environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests in Australia.
  • Contribute to the growth of an Australian market-driven system of responsible forestry based on the FSC’s 10 Principles of responsible forest management.
  • Ability to attend member forums and chamber meetings
  • Ability to be part of a Policy / Standard working group

Peer to Peer Learning:

  • Opportunity to learn from members within and across chambers
  • Receive regular updates on events and developments in the FSC system in Australia and overseas.


  • Ability to connect with other FSC members within and across chambers
  • Enhance your access to the growing domestic and international market in responsible wood products and products sourced from FSC certified Australian Forests.


  • Gaining access to assistance in finding and connecting with FSC suppliers and retailers
  • Being able to access policy advice and assistance


  • Being able to promote the work of your organisation through social media and FSC newsletters
  • Use of the FSC trademarks, once approved, at no additional cost, for eligible retailers.


  • Ability to access discounts to FSC International membership

Membership Eligibility

Applicants to FSC Australia membership must have met, or be willing to meet, key eligibility requirements to be successful. They must have displayed demonstrated active commitment to implementing or promoting the FSC Principles and Criteria for responsible forest management.
Further information about FSC Australia Membership eligibility.

Membership Chambers

Members have different interests,  as such they are organised in the FSC system through sectoral chambers. Decision making is, wherever possible, by consensus. These processes ensure that no one sectoral interest controls FSC and that the system maintains its independence and credibility while finding solutions to conflict over forest issues.
Further information about FSC membership chambers.

Membership Fees and Categories

Membership fees vary depending on category of membership for which you are eligible, and the kind of membership you are seeking. As FSC Australia is a company limited by guarantee, the liabilities of members are limited in accordance with law and the terms of the Constitution.
Find out more about FSC Australia membership structure and associated fees.

Joint Membership

Joint Membership is now available in Australia.

Benefits of International membership include;
• International voting rights and the ability to be elected to the International Board of Directors
• Eligibility to join working groups and vote on the composition of international standards.• Discounted access to FSC International events

To apply for joint membership, please download the application at the top of the page.

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