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Because Forests Matter - for people and the environment
Asia-Pacific Workshop on Environment and Social Certification for Community and Small Private Land Owners

Because forests matter - for people and the environment

Dinner at Hadley’s Hotel, Hobart
Wednesday 22 September @ 7.00pm

FSC Australia invites you to a dinner on Wednesday 22nd of September at 7.00pm at Hadley’s Hotel Hobart.

This is a unique opportunity to meet and hear from global leaders in the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) system.

This dinner coincides with a meeting of FSC Asia Pacific National Organisations and a workshop on Certification and Development being held in Tasmania.

Main Speakers
Timothy Synnott - First Executive Director of FSC Int. (1993 – 2000)
Jaime Levy - Fundación ALTROPICO - FSC International Board Member (Latin America)

Leaders from FSC International Centre in Bonn and FSC National Organisations in Asia and the Pacific will be in attendance. Delegates from Pacific countries will share their experience promoting sustainable development in Australia’s near neighbours and the role of international certification programs such as FSC, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Sustainable Tourism and organic certification.

Asia-Pacific Workshop on Environmental and Social Certification for Community and Small Private Land Owners

Hobart, Australia
September 22-25, 2010

Certification offers many opportunities for dealing with environmental or social issues through standardisation, verification and market-based rewards. However, often the costs of participation mean that community landowners and smaller private land owners, particularly in the economic south, find start-up costs prohibitive and ongoing maintenance of certification difficult to sustain financially.

This conference takes the perspective that certification needs to be seen in a broad development context rather than just a commodity context.

The goal of the conference is to link community and small private forest owners from the Asia Pacific Region with ideas, customers, resources and each other in a forum that can assist them to embrace certification and achieve sustainable development objectives. It will create a networking opportunity for land owners to share their experiences of what works and what has challenged them with their peers while making available a range of professionals and experts who can help them resolve problems and maximize the value they derive from certified resources.

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