The 2015 FSC Australia AGM

The 2015 Responsible Forest Management Australia ltd Annual General Meeting will be held on the 28th of May in Melbourne. Members and Stakeholders are encouraged to attend and participate in the governance of the organisation.

Adam Beaumont CEO addresses the members at the AGM 2015
Controlled Wood Risk Assessment Discussions
Jonathan La Nauze, Chair of the FSC Australia board addresses the Membership
Phil Duncan, member of the Indigenous Working Group presents Adam Beaumont CEO of FSC Australia, with Aboriginal artefacts for the fundraiser later this year

On Thursday the 28th May 2015 FSC Australia held the Annual General Meeting, Policy Forum and Networking Dinner. 

We would like to thank all of our members and stakeholders who attended the events. The day was run with the help of facilitator Kimbra, who encouraged the different stakeholders in the room to put forth their hopes for the day and ensured that new networking connections were made. 

Both proposed Special Resolutions were passed by the membership. The successful resolutions will help bring FSC Australia in line with our international obligations and strengthen our constitution.

Following a vote for the Economic chamber Director position, the FSC Australia Board is comprised as follows: 

Economic Chamber 
*Andrew Morgan - SFM Forest Products
Ms Cheryl Speechley – Tetra Pak Oceania 
Mr Pat Groenhout – PF Olsen  

Environment Chamber 
*Ms Susie Russell – North East Forest Alliance
Mr Jonathan La Nauze (FSC Chair) – Australian Conservation Foundation 
Ms Sarah Rees – Australian Forests and Climate Alliance  

Social Chamber 
*Helen Murray - Timber Communities Australia
Ms Linda Fienberg – Individual Member 
Ms Jacki Schirmer – Individual Member 

*indicates a newly appointed seat

Along with the formalities of the AGM there were four “display stations" that attendees could visit and learn more about certain aspects of the organisation they included:
Strategic Development
Policy and Standards
Indigenous Engagement

Not only did this give attendees the chance to ask questions of the staff and members of our two working groups (Standards Development Group and Indigenous Working Group) but they were also encouraged to share their expertise on how these four areas could be improved in the future. 

Following the formal close of the AGM a number of important topics were addressed in small discussion groups as part of the new forum format.

The first half of the afternoon was focused on the Controlled Wood Risk Assessment, where attendees were encouraged to raise their issues or concerns related to the CW NRA, to propose what a good one would look like, and discuss options for how they would resource its development and implementation.

The second half covered topics nominated by Members and stakeholders, such as FSC’s role in advocacy, the Vision and Mission of FSC Australia, draft Strategic plan, brand recognition, marketing & promotion, and other topics. Attendees were asked to explain the existing problem or opportunity, highlight its impact on FSC Australia, and identify action that could mitigate the risk, or give access to the opportunity.

We would once again like to thank everyone who attend the day and have created a 3 minute survey for you to fill out to share your thoughts, it can be found here, we look forward to hearing form you

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