Tuesday, 20 September 2016
FSC Good for Forests, Good for Business


This year for #FSCFriday FSC Australia and New Zealand, are promoting the benefits of FSC with business.

Join us for FSC Friday.

For over 20 years, FSC and partners have worked together to take care of forests and the people, plants, and animal species that depend on them.

The FSC label featured on certified products assures that wood, paper, and other forest products are responsibly sourced from well-managed forests and recycled materials.

During September, FSC invite supporters all around the world join in the global celebration, to raise awareness about responsible forest management and the role the FSC plays, all shared through social media with the hashtag #FSCFRIDAY

How to get involved:

Sign up to the International Thunderclap here.

Become one voice with us on social media on Friday 30.09.16 by signing up to the Thunderclap.
The thunderclap, will automatically post a one-time message on your behalf.
Please support FSC Friday and the message, "Help take care of forests. Choose FSC for responsibly-sourced products! #FSCFriday"

Promote your certification online.

During the international awareness campaign, we encourage certificate holders to make a post on social media promoting their certification.

Post a statement of support, picture of your certified products or even a statement about the importance of our world's forests.
Be creative and don't forget to tag us @FSCAustralia #FSCFriday

Share your statement with us, as part of our FSC Friday business pledge campaign for an opportunity to be featured on the FSC Australia website and newsletter.

Make a workplace testimonial.

Workplaces around the globe can help end deforestation by choosing FSC certified products.

Is FSC part of your sustainability policy? Does your office choose the checkmark tree logo?
We want to hear from you. Tell us about the benefits of using FSC in your business, why you choose FSC.
Testimonials will be featured in our newsletter, online and for promotional purposes.

Please contact our communications officer Adele Townsend to make a workplace testimonial -[url=mailto: a.townsend at au.fsc point org] a.townsend at au.fsc point org[/url]

The following resources below are available to download for your workplace;

  • Staff outreach/engagement template to promote the benefits of FSC.
  • Staff outreach template to encourage FSC procurement.
  • Procurement fact sheets to provide to your team on choosing FSC.

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