Tuesday, 17 January 2017
FSC General Assembly 2017

2017 GA cover

The 8th FSC General Assembly will be held in Vancouver, Canada, from 8–13 October 2017.

The General Assembly of members, held every three years, is FSC's highest decision-making body. It brings together FSC members and stakeholders from around the world, who participate in a unique and democratic forum.

With the approval of the FSC Global Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020 last year, the next general assembly will be critical to determine the future direction of the organization. The general assembly is also a great opportunity for FSC members to help shape the future of forest management together.

FSC encourages all its members and stakeholders, from the global North and South, to participate in the general assembly 2017. Program details are available on the FSC general assembly website, more information before then, please contact

About FSC International Membership

FSC membership is separate to FSC certification. In order to make or label FSC certified products you would need to hold FSC certification. FSC membership is not mandatory for FSC certified companies or license holders.

Our members contribute directly to upholding a system which ensures that the harvest of forest products is balanced with maintaining the biodiversity, productivity and ecological stability of forests, and that local people get a fair share of the benefits.

Members apply to join one of three chambers: environmental, social or economic, which are further sub-divided into northern and southern sub-chambers. Voting is weighted to ensure that each chamber and sub-chamber gets an equal say. This guarantees that influence is shared equitably between different interest groups and levels of economic power.

All FSC International members are invited to attend and vote at the FSC General Assembly as well as to formulate and submit motions. It is in this dynamic environment where valuable concerns and constructive criticism are brought into a forum; different stakeholders work together in an equitable way to make important strategic decisions that define the future of FSC.

Find our more about FSC International membership, including how to apply, by clicking here.

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