Thursday, 17 August 2017
Institute of Foresters of Australia 2017 Conference

IFA 2017

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On behalf of FSC Australia, Advocacy and Policy Manager Julia Mylne attended The Institute of Foresters 2017 conference held in Cairns.

Pictured is the Opening ceremony, that included a traditional welcome to country and Noel Pearson's speech about the challenges faced by Indigenous people regarding forestry and environmental conservation.

The IFA conference focused on ‘Tropical Forestry: Innovation and Change in the Asia Pacific Region’. The conference themes were centred on forestry issues in northern Australia and the tropics and included:

  • regional interconnections in managing tropical forests and commercial tropical forestry as well as the diversity of tropical and sub-tropical plantation species including southern pines, Araucaria, African mahogany, sandalwood, eucalypts and acacias;
  • Indigenous forestry opportunities and Northern Australian development;
  • Early Savanah burning regimes and carbon and climate change initiatives;
  • Conservation management in the tropics;
  • Mining and forestry potential synergies;
  • Biomass energy production in remote (off grid) locations;
  • Processing and industry development activities.

FSCA attending a number of sessions including the Indigenous forestry opportunities and Northern Australian development as well as forest management in a variable and challenging climate. The conference provided a valuable insight into a number of different forestry issues both around Australia and globally. Additionally, the conference brought together presenters from a wide variety of fields and facilitated generous discussion and debate on a number of topics.

FSC Australia is encouraged to see Indigenous forestry opportunities high on the agenda. Read more about our commitments to reconciliation in our recently launched RAP.

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