Tuesday, 05 June 2018
Highlights from FSC Australia’s 2018 AGM

FSC Chair, Susie Russell

Looking back on the achievements of the past year, so that we can look towards the opportunities and challenges ahead.

The12th FSC Australia Annual General Meeting was a success, thank you to everyone who participated, whether through attendance, by proxy, or by dialing in.

As FSC Australia CEO Sara Gipton reflected, “The strength of FSC is that it is a chamber balanced system and whether through special resolutions or the appointment of new directors it is the views and contributions of all chambers that sets us apart.” We are grateful to have an engaged membership who contribute to the governance of the organisation.

What we have achieved in the past year
Chair of the board of directors, Susie Russell, opened the meeting and reflected on achievements and challenges during her term. She thanked new CEO Sara Gipton for her effective management of the organisation since starting in October 2017.

Susie recapped a number of achievements from the past year, such as finalising our Reconciliation Action Plan, submitting our National Forest Stewardship Standard to FSC International and receiving only minor revisions to consider.

Of particular note, in March 2018 we hosted FSC Director General Kim Carstensen in both Melbourne and Auckland, where he attended business and stakeholder forums, and met with members and stakeholders to hear their ideas and concerns.
Attendees heard from Professor Rod Keenan, about the challenges present in stimulating investment in plantations, despite available capital, knowledge, and market. Rod is working to present updated initiatives to overcome these challenges, in collaboration with industry partners.

Election of Directors
The following directors were elected to the FSC Australia board:

  • Daniel Mackey (Social Chamber, Individual)
  • Susie Russell (Environment Chamber, North East Forest Alliance)
  • Manjula Murugesan (Economic Chamber, Organisation: Tetra Pak)
  • Amanda Naismith (Economic Chamber, Organisation: New Forests)

FSC Australia would also like to thank former directors, Helen Murray, Pat Groenhout, and Andrew Morgan for their dedication and contribution to FSC Australia's governance; we wish them all the best for the future.

CEO Sara Gipton and Chair Susie Russell at the 2018 AGM

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