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Tuesday, 09 May 2017
FSC on the ground with Urban Salvage

Timber Planks

Earlier this year, we recently visited Urban Salvage to hear more about their FSC journey, becoming Certified.

Based in Spotswood for 16 years, Urban Salvage and have evolved from a demolition to salvage to a premium timber yard. The timber merchant today supplies a mix of predominantly Recycled and Australian Timbers to commercial jobs, architectural specifications and custom DIY projects.

Urban Salvage has recently gained Chain of Custody for FSC Recycled timber, FSC plantation Sugar Gum timber products and they can now meet modern rating requirements on supply to residential and commercial building projects.

Overall it was demand for FSC that encouraged their uptake of FSC Chain of custody. After speaking with Urban Salvage they highlighted motivations for becoming certified include:

  • More domestic customers asking for FSC certified timber
  • Growing demand for FSC certification to tender on commercial and architetcural project
  • Demonstrating environmental commitments
  • FSC contributes to good reputation and good practice

FSC CoC certification as an assurance from for responsible timber is recognised by government, public and private procurement policies including The Living Building Challenge and The Green Building Council.

Urban Salvage SiteUrban Salavage will become part of a group scheme, alongside other companies, managed by Gary Featherstone at Forest Strategy Pty Ltd.

Group FSC Chain of Custody (and Forest Management) schemes have been developed to help smaller enterprises achieve FSC certification by reducing the costs of certification. To view the inclusion requirements and for more information, click on the links below.

Small businesses can become jointly certified under one certificate. A Certification Body audits a sample of members and carries out risk assessment of the entire group scheme rather than auditing each individual business. A Group Manager ensures that all group members are using systems that satisfy the FSC requirements.

Having previously traded timber, but were not Chain of Custody certified, Urban Salvage believe that taking this next step will bring a change in how they market themselves.

Having plenty of experience in recycled timber, they are used to discussing with customers where their products came from, and wanting to know the previous life of their products. Similarly, now with FSC Chain of Custody certification Urban Salavage are part of the FSC narrative and can tell the story of how any FSC certified timber they provide come from responsibly managed forests.

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