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Thursday, 26 April 2018
The Impact of FSC: Forests and Communities around the World

Four stories of FSC-certification helping people protect their forests, communities, and livilhoods

1. A Sustainable Community: Keeping Forests and Tribal Culture Alive
Author: FSC India

Protecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples whose livelihoods depend on the health of forests is an powerful approach to halting deforestation. Through FSC certification the Tripuri Indigenous People’s of North East India have been able to reverse the degradation of their local forests, while preserving their source of income and improving their lives.

2. Working Forest in Wales
Author: FSC UK

Hafren is a forest in Wales that produces wood for construction, homes, and fuel. But through FSC certification, Hafren is now managed so that waterways are protected, organic alternatives are used instead of dangerous chemicals, and damage to soil is minimised. FSC ensures that Forest products can be made whilst ensuring the forest is socially beneficial and environmentally friendly.

3. The Maya Biosphere Reserve: A Proving Ground For Community Forestry
Author: Rainforest Alliance

Community forestry grew from the idea that people who make their living from the forest have a strong incentive to protect it. The Rainforest Alliance has been working with nine local communities who have been engaged in FSC certified community forestry in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Guatemala. The reserve’s rate of deforestation is almost zero, clear proof that the communities who make a living from the forest are doing a terrific job of protecting it.

4. Supplying the world with garden furniture, small forest owners in Vietnam could help end deforestation
Author: WWF

In the foothills of the Annamite mountains in Central Vietnam hundreds of smallholders are joining forces to produce FSC-certified acacia used in outdoor furniture around the world.
With most of the country’s 2.7 million hectares of plantation forest owned by individual households, expanding the approach and making the business case for sustainability may be the best chance for saving forests in the Greater Mekong.

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