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Tuesday, 20 April 2021
Aramex Kiwi Walk and Run Series

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Co-sponsor FSC NZ

The day began as a crisp and cold affair, with light rain and a steady breeze thanks to the nearby lake. If you are used to the Central North Island of New Zealand, then you would be familiar with mornings like this. With the sun already burning through dawns cloud cover, it was clear we were looking forward to perfect weather for a walk, or run, depending on what you signed up for.

lake kiwi walkMy name is Craig Kenney. I am the Business Development Manager for FSC New Zealand and over the weekend (on the 17th of April) I participated in the Aramex Kiwi Walk and Run Series. As a co-sponsor of the event, FSC NZ played some role in its organisation. It was exciting, then to see so many people turn up to Lake Tikitapu, Rotorua. Almost 500 participants arrived, eager to either walk or run the track, and what a track it was. Stunning native bush intersecting a Red Wood plantation to its south, all surrounding a serene and crystal-clear lake. Words could go some way toward describing the view but in truth one would need to see it to truly take in its majesty.

Why was FSC NZ involved in a walking event though? It began during New Zealand’s second big covid lockdown, October last year, when SMC Events reached out to us. SMC Events were looking to kick-off a new type of event for the New Zealand public, one that would allow Kiwis (the people, not the birds) engage with their land and reconnect with nature. To this end they have arranged a series of tracks around the country, with each track setup around a particular theme; rivers, creeks, mountains and in this case forests, to name a few. In total there are 7 tracks spread across New Zealand with 3 having been completed at the time of this writing.

kids kiwi walk runThe track that FSC co-sponsored was the forest track, naturally. I turned up, ready to engage with the participants, take photos, hand out prizes (courtesy of Wellington Zoo) and say a few words throughout the event.

To keep runners and walkers energised, SMC Events had refresher stands setup throughout the course offering participants iconic New Zealand treats and snacks; Cookie Time cookies, Jaffas, L&P and more, each selected to add some kiwi culture to compliment the picturesque backdrop.

Overall, it was a fantastic day for the participants. In theme with the event, anyone who took part in track was presented with a wooden medal, something unique to remember the day by. FSC NZ hopes you enjoy some of these photos taken on the day and in case you were wondering, yes that lake water is very cold!

If you are keen to explore New Zealand and would like to join in on this amazing event check out the SMC Events website and see if there is a walk or run happening near you: https://smcevents.co.nz/the-kiwi-walk-and-run-series/

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