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Tuesday, 11 May 2021
FSC and Redheads®, it’s a match!

Readheads front


UK-based Bryant & May opened Australia’s first match factory in Melbourne in 1909 as part of the newly-federated Australia’s Commonwealth government’s push to encourage local manufacturing capacity.

The iconic logo that has adorned every box of Redheads matches since 1947 was designed in Australia in 1946 by logo contest winner Rupert Hing. The logo, affectionately known as “Miss Redhead”, has helped consolidate Redheads as the number one brand of matches in Australia. The name Redheads was derived from the red striking head of the match.

Bryant & May ceased Australian match manufacture in the early 1980s as a result of import competition. However, with its distinctive red bricks and its iconic clock tower, the Bryant & May Factory, located in Richmond’s Cremorne area, remains one of Melbourne's iconic landmarks recalling an era when Melbourne was one of the world's leading industrial cities.

In 1998, Swedish Match purchased Bryant & May and production was moved to the Swedish Match factory in Sweden. Here, Redheads the matches and packaging are now produced from local FSC-certified aspen.

With a positioning statement of ‘the start of something good’, Redheads’ products aim to initiate the beginning of a good moment, be it lighting a birthday candle or a weekend BBQ. Their range of products have expanded and now consists of briquettes, firelighters, gas matches and the famous best-selling matches.

ReadheadsAsked about the importance of FSC certification, Redheads highlight that

"Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic worldwide. FSC certification on Redheads matches shows our consumers we are dedicated towards doing our bit to achieve sustainability." They add that

"FSC strives to help forests through guiding and encouraging businesses to make ethical and responsible choices; by being FSC certified, Redheads matches do our part through responsible environmental practices."

Redheads believe "environmental responsibility is to work consciously and actively to reduce and mitigate the negative environmental impacts of business operations. Our environmental responsibility encompasses the entire value chain."

Designed in 1946, Miss Redheads turns 75 this year, but with a strong position in the Australian market and a dedication to sustainability, the future looks bright for this iconic brand.

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