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Monday, 01 November 2021
2021 Global Consumer Research Reveals Escalating Need for Trusted Eco-Labels

Global Consumer Research

Environmental concerns are more influential than ever upon consumer choices, research reveals. Shoppers want to make more eco-conscious purchasing decisions and are looking out for trusted third party certification labels like FSC to help them with their choices.

According to a global consumer research conducted by GlobeScan for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), featuring 12,000 participants across 15 countries, consumers are becoming more concerned with the impact of the loss of plant and animal species and deforestation on climate change. Sustainability concerns appear to increasingly influence shopping choices among consumers, with more than 80 per cent of shoppers saying that they expect companies to ensure their wood and paper products do not contribute to deforestation. Independent certification also influences product choice among shoppers, with nearly eight in ten consumers believing sustainability product information should be certified by an independent organization. The results demonstrate that the need for trusted eco-labels like FSC has never been greater. Through partnering with a trusted certification scheme like FSC, businesses and brands can support conscious shopping choices while inspiring consumers about the value of responsible forest management.

Visibility and trust toward FSC is on the rise globally, reflecting a trend toward conscious consumerism. Fifty-four per cent of consumers expressed high levels of trust in FSC’s role to protect forests above all other actors. The FSC label acts as a powerful tool to not only help consumers make conscious shopping decisions, but it also assists businesses in achieving their environmental, social, and economic agendas. With FSC, businesses can demonstrate to their consumers that their purchasing, sourcing, and packaging are ethical and responsible. The FSC certification provides a transparent and traceable supply chain, which ensures consumers that products are sourced and manufactured through responsible and ethical businesses. Brands and businesses who partner with FSC are aligning themselves with products that support and empower indigenous communities, as FSC is the only forest certification system that requires consultation with local Indigenous people with the intention of protecting and maintaining their cultural rights. FSC certification also allows businesses to take a progressive step toward protecting and enhancing the natural environment. The FSC certification standards require forest managers to ensure protection of forest areas of high conservation value, to maintain biodiversity and protect habitat for rare and endangered species, including old growth forests.

As consumers sustainability concerns continue to grow worldwide, trusted third party certification labels like FSC play an increasingly important role. The latest global consumer research by GlobeScan for FSC sheds light on how quickly shopping habits are changing. “Consumer insights are crucial to help FSC focus on the priorities” says Jeremy Harrison, Chief Markets Officer at FSC. “These findings inspire confidence that consumers appreciate the vital role forests play in tackling major sustainable development challenges and that consumers recognize and trust FSC as part of the solution”. Consumer awareness in their own potential impact is growing and with it, businesses and brands are adapting to align themselves with certification schemes that allow them to demonstrate their sustainability, social and economic commitments.

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