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Tuesday, 09 November 2021
Happy 3rd Birthday to FSC Australia’s Forest Management Standard!

The Australian National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) addresses pressing issues in Australian forestry, including the rights of Indigenous Peoples, workers’ rights, conservation, and landscape management. After six years of rigorous consultation with industry, environment, and social stakeholders and Indigenous groups, the NFSS was approved in November 2018. It remains the only forest management standard in the country to be supported broadly by industry, environment, and social interests.

In Australia, around 1.2 million hectares of forest is certified under the NFSS, including mainly pine and eucalypt plantations with some private native forest. Comprising of ten principles, the NFSS requires Certificate Holders to meet key criteria on important issues such as Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Community Relations, Environmental Values and Impacts, Workers’ Rights and more.

FSC’s unique standard development process gives equal voice to all those who depend on forests including Indigenous Peoples, industry, communities, and environmentalists. Today we thank everyone who contributed to the development of the standard and to certified Forest Managers for their commitment to FSC.

“We would like to thank and commend our certified Forest Managers for their ongoing commitment to upholding the principles of the National Forest Stewardship Standard in Australia. Their dedication to responsible forest management is crucial to the FSC vision and mission and together we can have a positive impact on forests, people and wildlife.”
- CEO of FSC ANZ, Damian Paull

However, as a voluntary system, FSC’s success not only relies on forest management enterprises’ adoption and implementation of the standard but also companies, brands and consumers consciously choosing or making commitments to specify FSC-certified forest-based materials and products. Supply only grows in response to demand, making consumer demand vital to ensuring companies seek out sustainable solutions and engage in responsible business practices.

Similarly, we give thanks to the social and environmental stakeholders that continue to support the use of the standard and safeguard the integrity of the FSC certification system.

The NFSS remains valid until 10 February 2024. However, in accordance with FSC International’s requirements, the FSC ANZ Board is currently reviewing the performance of the NFSS to determine whether a revision is required by this time. The main purpose of the review is the gauge whether the Standard remains fit for purpose or if a revision is required.

Additional information will be provided when the review process is finished.

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