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Tuesday, 28 March 2017
NZ Architects leading the way for responsible specification.

Devonport Wharf Redevelopment – Designed by Architects JasMax and decking supplied by Rosenfeld Kidson. (© Rosenfeld Kidson)© Rosenfeld Kidson

Joint Presentation with Rosenfeld Kidson & FSC New Zealand at Jasmax

With the growing enthusiasm for "eco-labels" in the construction sector, architects can get lost when it comes to specifying the right product. But, because architects specify materials that touch many of our world resources, there is a growing need for guidance to make informed decisions about responsible sourcing.

To address this need, prominent green architectural firm Jasmax hosted a presentation on responsibly sourced timber to architects from Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

The presentation was led by Rosenfeld Kidson, FSC certified timber merchant, and Cyrielle Durand from FSC New Zealand.

The presentation aimed to educate the industry on differences between FSC and other forestry certification schemes. Rosenfeld Kidson, as timber merchants, acknowledged the importance of conserving the world’s greatest renewable resource, our forests.

Rosenfeld Kidson comments, "We source our specialist timbers from suppliers around the globe who are committed to the responsible and sustainable management of the forest resource in which they operate. Primarily we work to secure supply from sources that are known to be both legal and well-managed."

Attendees found it empowering to learn how to identify whether the timber truly comes from a certified source through a quick look at the supplier’s invoice.

Architects can make a real impact and Jasmax are commended on their efforts to make responsible decisions, working with FSC certified suppliers such as Rosenfeld Kidson.

A big thank you to Jasmax for hosting us.

Jasmax / Rosenfeld Kidson Presentation

For more details about Rosenfeld Kidson FSC certified timber range please contact Mark Liggins, Business Development Manager:

If you are interested in hosting a presentation or want to know more about FSC please contact Cyrielle Durand, Business Development Manager at FSC NZ:

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