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Thursday, 27 September 2018
Federal Government Announces National Forest Industries Plan, $20 million to support the growth of the industry

The Federal Government released their ambitious National Forest Industries Plan, ‘Growing a better Australia – A billion trees for jobs and growth’, earlier this month.

The plan, announced by Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water, Richard Colebeck, dedicates $20 million to the industry, over four years (2018-19, and 2021-22). The funding will be concentrated in regional forestry ‘hubs’ to support regional communities.

The plan identifies both the industry’s main concerns, while also highlighting opportunities for the future. For example, the need for investment in research and for forestry mapping; the useof advanced technologies such as drones and recording devices for endangered species management; and the role of new plantations in supporting the country’s economic growth.

The Forest Stewardship Council® Australia (FSC® Australia) welcomes the plan’s ambitious direction for the industry and focus on sustainable forest management and is keen to see greater detail regarding the Governments strategic plan for this investment.

As an organisation committed to sustainable forest management, FSC Australia is willing to provide the Federal Government with the necessary support to ensure targets are achieved.

FSC® Australia CEO Sara Gipton highlighted the opportunities for FSC certified forestry operations:

“The National Forest Industries Plan can act as a mechanism to promote the public’s understanding of forestry and how forests can be managed sustainably. FSC is pleased to see the plan’s focus on sustainable forest management; FSC certified forestry operations, including farm forestry, are already carrying out sustainable forest management best practices. This approach is embodied in the FSC Australia National Forest Stewardship Standard, due for release shortly in 2018 will provide a blueprint for sustainable forestry in this country.”

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