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Tuesday, 09 October 2018
Advertise your FSC certified products on the Sustainable Home Hub

FSC Australia have partnered with the Sustainable Home Hub to bring our certificate holders a discount on listings

The Sustainable Home Hub is an award winning sustainable blog and directory. Founded by writer and blogger, Helen Edwards, FSC has partnered with the team at The Hub, to both help grow FSC certified businesses and make it easier for people searching for FSC products to design, build and decorate their homes, offering discounted annual listings on the directory.

Founded in 2013, the Sustainable Home Hub (originally Recycled Interiors blog) has over 140,000 social media followers and in 2017 had almost 500,000 views on their website.

The Sustainable Home Hub is here to help you share what you do with the growing number of people seeking sustainable and eco friendly options in designing, building, decorating, and living in their homes. They offer you not just a directory for your business that sits there idly, but an entire suite of opportunities including a blog feature and social media shares along with your year of listing; support around your own social media, connections to their community and more.

Become part of an award winning blog and directory, and one of the most popular sustainable design, decorating & living communities in Australia. The Sustainable Home Hub is consistently listed as the number 1 website in Australia in Environment and Sustainable Living. See all the detail here […]

How to get the discount
You can contact Helen directly for more via or go here directly and use the discount codes FSC to receive $29 off the Premium and Premium Featured listing options or FSC PLUS to receive $59 off your Premium PLUS listing. A blog feature alone is usually valued at more than $600 - $900 so this a great deal!

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