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Thursday, 29 November 2018
Have yourself an eco-friendly Christmas

Timber Revival Oregon Christmas Tree – These Christmas trees are made from recycled Oregon timber from the old Yarraville Sugar Mill

Recycled timber Christmas trees from Timber Revival

Timber Revival found a home in Melbourne's Western Suburbs 5 years ago and has become part of the fabric of the community, supporting local charities and providing stylish and eco-friendly timber products for local residents and businesses.

This year for the first time, the team are fundraising for two local charities by selling re-useable, recycled timber Christmas trees. $10 from the sale of each Christmas tree goes to either the Les Twentyman Foundation or Western Chances - you choose the charity when you buy.

We spoke to Timber Revival about their environmentally and community friendly Christmas promotion.

This is such a great use of recycled timber, where did Timber Revivil source the timber from?
The timber for the branches is Oregon (Douglas fir) which was salvaged from the old Yarraville Sugar Mill, just a few suburbs away from us. We love the idea of locally sourced and produced products.

Why recycled Christmas trees?
We are conscious about sustainability and love finding ways for ourselves and our customers to be more eco-friendly. Christmas is a time of major consumerism so we wanted to offer a sustainable alternative to plastic trees, and something that can be used year after year unlike farmed Christmas trees.

Sustainability goes beyond the natural environment so we often look for ways we can support people too, however as a small business, this is sometimes a challenge. We decided that because Christmas is a great time for ‘giving’, we would donate $10 from every Christmas tree sold to one of two local charities. So people buying trees are being sustainable in multiple ways.

How did you choose these two charities?
The charities we chose are both local to us (Western Suburbs of Melbourne), which goes with our beliefs about buying local. They also both support the youth of Melbourne’s West with outreach programs and scholarships, to give them a chance at a better future. We think this is pretty sustainable, investing in a younger generation to create a better future!

This is Timber Revival's first year fundraising using timber Christmas Trees, but they also sell bags of our hardwood offcuts for firewood and donate the profits to Western Chances charity.

Timber Revival are part of the Forest Strategy group scheme. Their Chain of Custody code is COC-003942
Group schemes are a great way for small businesses to become FSC certified, find out more.

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