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Friday, 21 December 2018
FSC Australia releases guidance for achieving Greenstar Timber Credit

Making FSC chain of custody clearer

To make it easier for builders to demonstrate that they meet the Greenstar Timber Credit requirements FSC Australia have released a short guidance document. The document provides clear information about how to make sure that the timber you are using is FSC certified.

The Green Star ‘Timber’ credit aims to encourage environmentally responsible forest management. Information regarding Green Star can be found on the Green Building Council Australia (GBCA) website.

For a project to achieve the requirements of the Green Star ‘Timber’ Credit, at least 95% (by cost) of all timber used in a building and construction works must:
- Be certified by a forest certification scheme that meets GBCA’s ‘essential’ criteria for forest certification; or
- Come from a reused source, or
- Come from a combination of certified and reused sources.

FSC chain of custody certification is the only globally trusted standard to ensure that the materials for your project come from forests that are managed sustainably and protect people and animals.

Green Star definitions can be found on the GBCA website.

Find out more about FSC Chain of Custody.

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