We ensure that forests are managed in a way that not only takes care of the animals and plants that call it home, but also workers and local communities who rely on forests, and indigenous groups whose heritage connects them to forest landscapes.

FFAFWhen we get social media right, it can influence consumers’ preference for FSC-certified products. But we can’t do it alone, we need you as part of our online community.

We should always focus on the ‘social’ part of social media. It’s about being a part of something bigger than just ourselves.

So we need to be impactful and relevant, giving people a reason to invite us into their lives.

We want you to help us;

  • Shift perceptions. Support the new FSC brand position and contribute to the shift from certification symbol to a loved brand.
  • Reach new audiences. Engage influencers & mainstream consumers through our content and activity.
  • Raise awareness. Help increase the number of people who are aware of FSC and what it means.
  • Amplification. If we raise awareness of FSC more people should be talking about us and sharing our content.

Join us online with the hashtag #ForestsForAllForever

Be original – make a post about why you are involved with FSC and what #ForestsForAllForever means for you and/or your organisation.

  • Share a story about the on ground benefits of FSC
  • Take a photo of certified products
  • Post facts about why forests are important


  • You can add the Forests For All Forever frame to photos
  • You can brand image posts with the FSC brandmark, so if they’re shared, they keep the connection to FSC.an be

For license holders only. Found in the Marketing Toolkit

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