Join us for a Global Celebration of Responsible Forestry



24th September 2021

This year, FSC Friday will be celebrated on Friday, 24th September and will focus on the interplay between climate change and forests.

Collaborate with us
We invite our Promotional Licence Holders and Chain of Custody Certificate Holders to collaborate with us to develop a customised FSC webinar for your staff in celebration of FSC Friday. This will support you to show your organisation's commitment to FSC and responsible forestry and raise staff awareness of the value and benefits of being an FSC Promotional Licence Holder or Chain of Custody Certificate Holder.

FSC Friday 2021 resources
Email trademarks at au.fsc point org or visit the online marketing toolkit to obtain access to a range of FSC videos and infographics to help you engage employees and promote FSC certified products to your customers. We encourage you to share them our your website and social media platforms throughout the week leading up to 24th September.

Check out this invitation to participate in FSC Friday for even more ideas and resources.

Other ways to get involved

Everyone from consumers to communities and companies can participate. Here are just a few ways to you can participate:

  • Promote your FSC certified product range or FSC certification in the build up to and on FSC Friday! For example, run a special or feature particular products.
  • Organise your own FSC focussed internal/external promotions or events (adapted to current Covid-19 guidelines)
  • Use your communication channels, such as social media, newsletters, websites to draw attention to your FSC commitment. Address in your communications the positive impact of responsible forestry on climate change.
  • Involve schools, retailers and other partners in celebrating FSC Friday and spread the message of the importance of our forests to fighting climate change.
  • Implement a project together with FSC in the area of the most important Ecosystem Services (ie: biodiversity, water, conservation, recreation, restoration and carbon)

Educators can support by:

Getting Students Involved – Have a poster contest showing why we need and love trees, teach students why sustainability matters – and why trees and forests are essential in the fight against climate change, host a ‘Dress in Green’ day, research and share “Fun Forest Facts” during your school’s morning announcements.

Looking for more ideas? Reach out to trademarks at au.fsc point org and we would be happy to help

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