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FSC friday 2020


FSC Friday is an annual awareness day designed to increase knowledge, encourage commitment and raise appreciation for responsible forestry. This year FSC Friday is on September 25.

Our overall goal is to have more consumers buying and asking for FSC certified products, more forest management companies getting FSC certified, more organisations sourcing FSC certified materials and products, and more communities supporting responsible forestry.

FSC Friday is a day, where we come together from around the world, to share our commitment to forests and responsible forestry.


FSC Friday is on September 25, 2020

show your support fsc fridayThe goal of FSC Friday is to raise awareness for FSC by encouraging consumers, companies, communities and stakeholders to share your commitment to FSC and responsible forestry - whether through forest management practices, or sourcing and buying FSC certified materials and products.

Forests for All Together is our theme this year. We are celebrating the importance of bringing people together to responsibly care for forests – from environmentalists to big business, from Indigenous Peoples to communities and governments, from forest workers to careful consumers, it is essential that we work together to care for our forests.

Getting involved is easy

Everyone from consumers to communities and companies can participate. Here are just a few ways to you can participate:

  • Social Sharing – For the entire week leading up to September 25, FSC offices around the globe will be sharing posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter showcasing how FSC brings people together to care for forests. Share, like, and comment on these posts and tag your forest loving friends. #FSCFriday2020 #ForestsForAllTogether
  • Sharing your Favourite Tree or Forest Picture – Snap a pic of your favourite forest or tree and share why trees and forests are important to you. If the pandemic is preventing you from doing this, snap a pic of the FSC certified products you can lay your hands on, for example: books, toilet paper, and or furniture. Then upload to your social media channels and tag your friends to encourage them to participate. Be sure to use #FSCFriday2020 #ForestsForAllTogether
  • Forest Bathing – Remind yourself of why forests matter. Look at the items in your house that came from a tree and feel gratitude for what they bring you, whether it is enriching your mind with words from a page, keeping your body warm and comfortable on a couch, or keeping your bottom hygienic. Soak in the benefits, take pictures, and share them on your social channels. Tag friends, nominating them to do the same. Remember to use #FSCFriday2020 and #ForestsForAllTogether
  • Hosting a Tree Planting Event – Host a socially distanced tree planting event on FSC Friday inviting employees, community members etc. to participate. Be sure to take pictures and share them on your website or social channels using #FSCFriday2020 #ForestsForAllTogether
  • Checking for the Tree – Look for, ask for and buy FSC certified products ranging from paper, to paper towel, toilet paper, wood flooring, furniture, clothing, books, and more.

Organisations can support by

  • Engaging your Employees – Film a short message from your CEO/President (preferable set in the trees or in front of FSC certified furniture) and/or your sustainability team sharing why FSC is important to your organisation. Encourage employees to consider showcasing on all digital platforms the more unexpected FSC certified products (eg, you know your toilet paper is FSC certified, but did you know your crockery/toys/books you buy can help save the planet as well). Additionally, you can increase your commitment to sourcing FSC certified materials and share the details of this news on FSC Friday on digital channels.
  • Telling your Customers – From videos to social media posts, blogs, newsletters and more – let your customers know about your commitment to FSC and why responsible forestry matters. Include personal testimonials from satisfied customers on how they can rest easy no their choices are helping sustain the planet.
  • Product Promotions – Provide a promotional code or discount on all FSC certified products. Consider using FSCFriday2020 or ForestsForAllTogether as your code!
  • Virtual Lunch and Learn – Host a lunch and learn with your staff or community. Speak about the importance of sustainability and responsible forestry and how easy it is for your customers to become informed and take action. If you need help running a virtual lunch and learn, contact FSC ANZ for speaking notes, information, and guest speakers.

Educators can support by:

Getting Students Involved – Organise a trail walk in a local forest, have a poster contest showing why we need and love trees, teach students why sustainability matters – and why trees and forests are essential in the fight against climate change, host a ‘Dress in Green’ day, research and share “Fun Forest Facts” on your school’s morning announcements.

Looking for more ideas? Reach out to e.robinson@au.fsc.org and we would be happy to help

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