Green Star Timber Credit:

If a Green Star project selects to use the timber credit as part of their Green Star submission, one point is now available where at least 95% (by cost) of all timber is certified by a forest certification scheme that meets The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA)'s 'Essential' criteria for forest certification; or is from a reused source; or is sourced from a combination of both.

FSC certified timber is compliant with the "Essential Criteria" required by the GBCA on the basis that FSC has:

  • robust governance, standards development, and independent auditing process;
  • provides an assurance of legality; and
  • provides chain of custody certification extending from the forest to the end user which is traceable throughout the supply chain.

More information:
The GBCA released a revised 'Timber' Credit from public comment in August 2011, which can be viewed at the GBCA website. For more information, please see the "Green Star Timber Credit" release. For clarification as to when FSC certification is/is not required, please see this document.

Further information on development of policies and standards can be found on the FSC International Policy and Standards website.

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