Approved Controlled Wood Risk Assessment Matrix for Australia

16th June 2012: After considerations of the submissions and advice from FSC International, the final matrix is now available to provide definitive guidance to Chain of Custody holders (and their certification bodies) who are seeking controlled wood from any Australian native forest or plantation that does not have FSC Forest Management Certification.

Demonstrating Legality - Advice for conducting risk assessments under Annex 2 (FSC-STD-40-005)

19th June 2012: Recently FSC International issued advice for FSC-STD-40-005 (STANDARD FOR COMPANY EVALUATION OF FSC CONTROLLED WOOD) The purpose of the advice is to ensure harmonisation with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and other timber legality legislations such as the US Lacey Act, FLEGT and theAustralian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act. The original advice can be viewed here under Advice Note #19.

The advice states that "Companies conducting risk assessments according to Annex 2 of FSCSTD-40-005shall use the “Minimum list of applicable laws,regulations and nationally-ratified international treaties,conventions and agreements” (below) for the identification of logging related laws in the district under evaluation." Companies may use 'reputable lists' or approved National FSC Stewardship Standards'.

As FSC Australia does not currently have an approved National FSC Stewardship standard, companies may use one of the approved Certification Body Interim Standards available here.

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