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The Forest Stewardship Council Australia regrets to announce that Standards Development Group (SDG) member Aidan Flanagan has resigned from his representation of the Social Chamber, due to work commitments that mean he will not be able to fulfill his role. Aidan has been a highly valued contributor and we thank him for his work and wish him all the best in his new role.

Process for Replacement:

The FSC Australia Board has approved the process for appointing Aidan’s replacement so that the group can continue its work. The process will be identical to that undertaken when the group was originally constituted in 2013. Upon publication of this Expression of Interest applications will be open for 4 weeks, closing on the 25th of February. If more than one application that meets the selection criteria is received, a ballot will be opened for Social Chamber members to vote.

Selection Criteria:

SDG members are chosen for their experience and ability to represent key interest areas that are important to FSC’s values and policies. During the first round of SDG Appointments three social chamber seats were designated for individuals with expertise and interest in worker’s rights, regional forest communities and indigenous rights. Despite proactive attempts to recruit we did not receive an application for the indigenous policy seat. The FSC Australia Board decided to fill the seat with a second applicant for the regional forest communities seat given that both policy areas fall under FSC’s work regarding the rights of local communities as affected stakeholders, along with the decision to devote additional resources to FSC Australia’s Indigenous Engagement (

The Board has decided to take this opportunity to once again fill the seat with an individual experienced with forestry policy and issues related to the rights and interests of indigenous communities. However, noting the importance of filling this seat in the shortest reasonable timeframe and the challenges faced previously, the Board is also open to receiving alternate applications from individuals experienced with forestry policy and issues related to the rights and interests of regional forest communities. Should eligible applications not be received for the indigenous policy seat, the alternate applications will be assessed and open for ballot.

Eligibility for the SDG requires that applications include and demonstrate:

  • Member of FSC Australia, or submit Membership Application addressing the membership criteria together with their application for the SDG role
  • Addressed to one of the clearly identified seats (indigenous policy or regional forest communities)
  • Geographical and issue-based representation and expertise
  • Expert knowledge and/or experience in the development or analysis of standards
  • Knowledge of FSC’s systems and procedures
  • Understanding of the impacts of a normative document on affected stakeholders
  • Commitment to FSC’s mission and vision
  • Desire to seek and reach consensus on controversial issues
  • Ability to review and comment on documents in English
  • Ability to actively participate in the process until final approval of the FSCA-FSS
  • Be accompanied by 2 short letters of support from the same chamber (in this case, the social chamber).

As noted above, eligibility is predicated on membership of FSC Australia’s Social Chamber. Applicants who are not currently members need to submit a membership application to be considered for the SDG role. Membership of the Social Chamber is open to persons, companies and organisations who:

  • Principally have a social or community interest in forests, the production of forest products or the activities of FSC including:
  • not-for-profit, non-government organisations of forest community organisations or community forest organisations;
  • organisations of indigenous people;
  • trade unions and other organisations representing forest workers, workers fabricating or producing forest products or using forest products;
  • other not for profit, non-government organisations whose principal interest is the social benefits of forests;
  • academics and researchers with a social interest in forests, the production or sale of forest products or FSC;
  • employees, consultants and representatives of the above, and;
  • have demonstrated active commitment to implementing or promoting the FSC Principles and Criteria for responsible forest management.

More on becoming an FSC Australia member can be found here:

Participation in the SDG

The SDG’s Terms of Reference, including time commitment and member duties, can be downloaded here:

Face-to-face meetings of the SDG occur in Melbourne and are for two full days. The next face-to-face meetings are scheduled for:

• 10th and 11th of March (Tue/Wed)
• 22nd and 23rd of April (Wed/Thur)
• 28th and 29th of May (Thur/Fri, Thursday being FSC Australia’s AGM)

For more information on the SDG and the process for appointment please contact Daniel Mackey, Deputy CEO:
Email - dmackey at fscaustralia point org
Phone - 03 9329 9984

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