Pesticide Use

FSC's approach to pesticides

In the Principles and Criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council criterion 10.7 deals with chemical use. Under criterion 10.7 the onus is on the certified forest or plantation to strive to avoid the use of chemicals or, where this is not possible to use chemicals safely.

The criteria states: The Organization* shall use integrated pest management and silviculture* systems which avoid, or aim at eliminating, the use of chemical pesticides*. The Organization shall not use any chemical pesticides prohibited by FSC policy. When pesticides are used, The Organization shall prevent, mitigate, and / or repair damage to environmental values* and human health.

The approach to pesticides is captured in FSC's Pesticide Policy. The FSC Pesticide Policy has three main objectives:

  • the identification and avoidance of highly hazardous pesticides;
  • the promotion of alternative and non-chemical methods of pest management as an element of an integrated pest and vegetation management strategy;
  • the administration of pesticide derogations.

FSC have also identified a list of specific chemicals that cannot be used unless there is shown to be no viable alternative, in which case a temporary derogation may be granted. If granted the derogation will detail specific conditions, that will apply to the use of the chemical, to mitigate negative impacts to the environment, health and safety.

Derogations are considered to be temporary and during the period of the derogation the certified forest or plantation owner must actively look for options to reduce, remove or replace the derogated chemical. Derogations and Pesticide Policies are approved and set internationally. For more information visit FSC International's Pesticide page here: […].

Previous Pesticide Derogation processes and associated files for Australia are available for both 2016 and 2012.

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