High Conservation Values Framework

Australian National Risk Assessment and High Conservation Values Framework

The High Conservation Values Framework is to be used in the context of implementing the Controlled Wood Standard. The use of the FSC approved High Conservation Values Evaluation Framework is mandatory when assessing risk against Controlled Wood Category 3 (High Conservation Values) in Australia.

Organisations seeking to source controlled wood from Australia must use the Australian National Risk Assessment to ensure conformance with standard FSC-STD-40-005 V3-1 Requirements for Sourcing FSC Controlled Wood.

Read the Australian National Risk Assessment and High Conservation Values Framework for more information.

The Directory of Information Sources

The Directory of Information Resources (Links below) is intended to be a 'live' resource. It has been compiled as a first cut of readily available resources but is acknowledged that it will contain omissions and there may also be issues of interpretation, applicability and duplication.

FSC Australia encourages feedback on the directory at any time. Feedback can be in the form of correction to any of the contents, identification of new resources to be included, and redundant or duplicated resources for deletion.

Feedback should be provided directly to FSC Australia (hcv@fscaustralia.org) and will be considered by the Policy and Standards Committee.

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