Consultations Archive 2010

Listed on this page are older FSC related consultations that are now finished. Please refer to the related documents section for specific files related to each consultation.

11/11/10 Australian Paper Ltd annex 3 verification process for controlled wood supply from VicForests

11 November 2010
Australian Paper Ltd has conducted a risk assessment on supply from VicForests as part of their verification program for controlled wood sources under FSC-STD-40-005(V2-1) EN. The risk assessment is available here.

22/11/10 Kimberly-Clark Australia Ltd Risk Assessment

In April to June of 2010 Kimberly-Clarke Australia undertook an annex 3 assessment and verification process on its suppliers of controlled materials. In its original format this was given to FSC Australia and was posted on the web site on or about July of the same year. Since then the work was audited by Smart Wood as part of their review of compliance to FSC STD 30 – 005. They raised several points in the form of a corrective action request (CAR) in response to that CAR the document has been reformatted to comply with the standard.

27/09/10 WA Plantation Resources (WAPRES) risk assessment

27 September 2010For a copy of the WAPRES risk assessment (in Excel), see the related documents.

01/06/10 Public Briefing Paper for Forest Management Certification Pre-assessment of Norske Skog in Tasmania

The SmartWood Program of the Rainforest Alliance is conducting forest management certification pre-assessment of Norske Skog located in Tasmania, Australia. The pre-assessment will be implemented from 5-7 July 2010.

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