FSC Highly Hazardous Pesticide Derogation 2015

*Please Note* Before reading the material below please be aware that FSC Australia’s role in the below Derogation process is as follows:

  • To support the certificate holders submitting the applications for pesticide derogations to engage with interested stakeholders by providing documents and links on our website, in newsletters and via social media channels
  • Ensure stakeholder engagement processes are robust through endorsement of the certificate holders’ engagement plan
  • Host key documents on our website to support community to engage in the process
  • Help direct stakeholder feedback to the relevant forest manager by providing contact details 

*Reminder* FSC Australia is not running this process, and therefore will not be taking feedback or submissions. If you would like your input to be addressed please ensure that it is directed to the relevant forest managers as listed below, or by filling in the survey also linked below.

Comments sought for Australian applications for pesticide derogations

A group of 10 Australian forest companies currently FSC certified, or seeking FSC certification, are developing derogation applications to enable the continued use pesticides listed as FSC Highly Hazardous. 

FSC restricts the use of FSC Highly Hazardous in FSC certified forests. However, where a FSC- Highly Hazardous pesticide is the only viable tool available to the forest manager, FSC acknowledges that its controlled use may be warranted. 

As an integral part of the derogation process the group of forest management companies, invite all interested stakeholders to provide feedback on the draft derogation applications and process. A range of consultation opportunities are available during the 52 day consultation period which extends from 25 September until 16 November 2015.

The best way to provide input is by completing the 2015 FSC Highly Hazardous Pesticide Derogation Stakeholder Survey
Information is available as follows (Can be downloaded from the RHS of screen):-

  • Download document 1 to see a combined summary of the process and summary of all derogations being applied for 
  • Click here to access the short survey to provide feedback on the applications and process ( same link as above) or if you would prefer not to use a survey you can download the public comment template document 2.
  • Download document 3.1 to see a summary of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Download document 3.2 to see the full Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Download the documents from the table below by following the document numbers

ChemicalCompanies Seeking DerogrationChemical Summary Document No.*Full Application Document No.*
1080 Albany Plantations Forest Company, HQ Plantations, PF Olsen Australia, Australian Blue Gum Plantations, HVP Plantations, WAPRES, Bunbury Fibre Plantations, SFM Forest Products4.15.1
AmitroleAlbany Plantations Forest Company, Australian Blue Gum Plantations, Bunbury Fibre Plantations.4.25.2
Alpha cypermethrinAlbany Plantations Forest Company, PF Olsen Australia, Australian Blue Gum Plantations, Forestry Tasmania, WAPRES, Forico, Bunbury Fibre Plantations, SFM Forest Products4.35.3
FipronylPF Olsen Australia, Forestry Tasmania, HVP Plantations4.45.4
Cuprous oxideAlbany Plantations Forest Company, PF Olsen Australia, HVP Plantations, Bunbury Fibre Plantations4.55.5
Copper sulfateHQ Plantations4.65.6
PicloramHQ Plantations4.75.7
Glufosinate ammoniumHQ Plantations, PF Olsen Australia 4.85.8
PindonePF Olsen Australia4.95.9
  • Documents can be found on the bar at the right hand side of this screen

N.B. There are certain parts of the applications will not be completed until we receive feedback from this stakeholder engagement process. To have this explained further download document 6.
This stakeholder feedback will be used by an advisory group to:
1. Inform forest manager chemical use plans and the development of the final derogation applications and controls needed
2. Ensure an accurate understanding of the perspectives of stakeholders regarding the derogation applications and to develop draft controls for consideration by FSC International
3. Assist FSC International in considering the derogation applications.
Please note all comments are due by Monday 16 November, 2015

If you have any questions regarding the derogation applications please do not hesitate to contact either the National Coordinator Kevin O’Grady on 03 9439 2314 or at kopinnacle at gmail point com or the representative from the table below

FSC Forest Manager Contact Information

CompanyRepresentativeContact Information
Albany Plantations Fibre Limited (WA)Geoff RowlandEmail: geoff.rolland@apfl.com.au Phone: 08 9845 3777
Hancock Queensland Plantations – HQP (QLD)David WestEmail: david.west@hqplantations.com.au Phone:07 3882 8212
PF Olsen (Aus) Pty Ltd (VIC, SA, WA, QLD)David BennettEmail:David.Bennett@pfolsen.com Phone:03 5173 6809
Australian Bluegums Ltd (VIC, SA, WA)Rebecca SharpEmail: Rebecca.Sharp@austgum.com.au Phone:03 5573 0128
Forestry TasmaniaLachie ClarkEmail: Lachie.Clark@forestrytas.com.au Phone:03 6235 8150
Hancock Victoria Plantations - HVP (VIC, SA)Phil WhitemanEmail: phil.whiteman@hvp.com.au Phone:03 9289 1400
WAPRES(WA)Wayne HammondEmail: wayne.hammond@wapres.com.au Phone: 08 9791 0700
Bunbury Fibre (WA)Steve PickeringEmail: spickering@bunburyfibre.com.au Phone08 9781 4509
Forico (TAS)Simon Cook Email: Simon.Cook@forico.com.au Phone: 03 6335 5470
SFM (TAS, VIC, SA)Dan Ryan Email: dryan@sfmes.com.au Phone: 03 6223 3536
National Coordinator (Pinnacle Quality)Kevin O'GradyEmail: Kopinnacle@gmail.com Phone: 03 9439 2314 Mobile: 0428 570 762

In 2009, FSC Australia engaged a Pesticide Policy Advisory Group (PPAG) to provide recommendations on derogations submitted by Forest Managers. During this period FSC Australia played a more active role in the decision making process for derogations. A number of stakeholders requested the previous PPAG Draft Report that was submitted to FSC Australia in July 2009. This report was never finalised but has been attached for stakeholder reference. Please note that FSC Australia does not have a decision making role in regards to derogations in 2015 - FSC International are the decision maker. The FSC Forest Manager group in 2015 includes an original member of the 2009 PPAG in their advisory group.



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